News from about Khoo Kitchen and the Khoo Family. Taste of the Neighborhood: In Providence's North End, tradition lives on and welcomes the new 01:00 AM EDT on Wednesday, June 25, 2008

By Gail Ciampa, Journal Food Editor

Here are some snippets about the Khoo family and the Khoo Kitchen from the full article:

The face of Providence’s North End is both young and old.Today there are several new kids on the block starting their own businesses, growing establishments and making a living serving some pretty tasty foods. In recent months, Yen and Annie Khoo have opened Khoo’s Kitchen at No. 605 with familiar Chinese dishes and a few Malaysian specialties. Brand new to the neighborhood are Yen and Annie Khoo and their month-old Khoo Kitchen. They too deliver, have a few tables and cater to take-out. They have a three-month-old son, Jadon.

Yen previously cooked at the Islander in Warwick and Asia Grille in Lincoln for his uncle Charles Chin. Yen, who came from Malaysia, said his dream is to open a Malaysian restaurant, but being practical, it was better to offer Chinese specialties including appetizers and lo mein, moo shi and chow mein.

But if you ask, he’ll point out three dishes that feature the fresh flavors from his native land — Tumeric chicken wings, Malaysian Fried Rice with chicken and shrimp fried with pineapple and cashew nuts, and the spicy Mee Goreng. This yellow noodle dish includes sprouts and shrimp and is served with a fresh lime and a warming aroma. The Khoos moved to Charles Street because they could afford the space there and he believes there is a market in the neighborhood for their dishes.

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